One project in one day at a hackathon in London


March 22, 2024

During my stay in London, there was one active hackathon called ETHGlobal London 24. I got to London one day after the event started, so I didn't have as much time to hack together my project as the rest.

I managed to hack together WorldFlagify, which is a public database of malicious addresses, created by real humans.

It works by using a custom flagging system that uses Worldcoin to verify that the person reporting is real. If enough real people report one specific eth address or domain, it will be added to the list of malicious addresses.

How can it be used?

It can be used by normal people to double check if a website/addy is malicious through the landing page, OR used by Apps to check.

An example of a use-case could be inside of a Wallet application, where if a person tries to send money to a malicious address, the Wallet-app would check with WorldFlagify if the address is flagged or not. If it is flagged, it could show a warning.

The future

Currently the website just uses psuedo data and doesn't actually store anything. The system could be fully implemented on the blockchain, but gas fees would need to be accounted for.

Gas fees

One solution would be to have a wallet filled with funds that pay for the gas fees for every report, and then use a chain with cheap gas fees, like Polygon POS, Base or Gnosis chain. But the chain has to be compatible with Worldcoin.

The problem

If many real people got together, they could report a non-malicious site as malicious, and it could not easily be stopped. This could be solved by having reviewers that review each address/domain that reaches a threshold of reports.

In London

Four days before the trip, my friend Antony sent a cheap flight link and said come. I instantly booked the tickets, and then asked my parents afterwards. I knew that if I would have asked them first, it would take forever.

I really liked the skyscrapers, since I don't see those often. I had heard that you could go up in one for free, so I wanted to try that. It was a super easy process.

  1. just go to the entrance
  2. scan a qr code
  3. get a free ticket
  4. enter It was a very cool view over london!

The tube

I have to admit that the metro system in London is pretty OP. It could take me easily from point A to B quickly. Only downside was that the old wagons were LOUD as fuck and warm compared to the Stockholm metro.

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