All of my previous projects


May 10, 2024

I have tried including as much as I remember, but I probably forgot a lot.

More to come as future approaches.


2024-02-15: Curlyhair, An AI curly hair generator that allows you to see how you would look like with curly hair. I created it because I wanted to try out creating a micro-startup and learn about generative AI, but it's not making much profit.

2023-03-16: Worldflagify , A database of malicious addresses based on real humans reporting, verified by Worldcoin. It was a hackathon project, and was only done in a few hours.


Most of 2023 I was busy working in a very toxic work environment with horrible pay, but I still managed to make some projects on the side until I quit.

2023-06-13: I started researching bookkeeping and I was surprised that there were no services like Bokio for Finland. I started prototyping it, but realized it's easier to just use excel anyways.

2023-06-13: I had the idea of a service which allowed people that owned private jets to transport cargo on their empty legs. That idea evolved into a global shipping network where it worked like Uber works, but for shipping through partnerships with postal companies. I applied for YC W24 with it and got denied for YC which made me realize the concept is way too advanced to work on as a solo entrepreneur. Like Levelsio said in his talk, “some people want to start by building a space company”. It won’t work for now.

2023-11-21: Notan, A page-specific note extension. It can be a good product, but I’m not sure if there are people that actually want to use it and pay for it.  But the positive aspects are that I learnt much about startups, got better contacts and learnt about extension development. This also made me realize that I don’t want to sell my time, but sell a product.


2022-01-20: Reparty, In the start of 2022 Houseparty announced that they were going to shut down. I could really not find any better alternatives so I wanted to build my own. Sadly I don’t think my technical knowledge or motivation was enough back then, because I never really finished it.

2022-08-27: Charlie-R90 Started building a rocket flight computer in Rust with Arduino, but I couldn't get the hardware to continue.

2022-11-09: I was working together with a friend for a fitness App idea he had. I helped making the initial app based on his designs.

Then sometime in 2022 an old friend of mine asked me to help them with a Roblox game which had a large audience. I helped lots with their UI, which teached me tons.

I participated in another hackathon and won for the first time, even though it was just a small price.

Most of 2022 I was busy working with contracting work.


Most of my projects I created during 2021 are open-source and available on my GitHub. There are more projects than I mentioned, but I felt some were too small to mention.

I also started creating a few freelancing projects.

2021-01-12: WSR-Tools, Windows desktop customization tool. I really got into C# and windows development and made numerous windows applications.

2021-01-12: zzCrack, One period I was learning much about ethical hacking and pentesting. This led to creating this and to inspiration for future projects.

2021-03-20: Some people found me on discord and wanted help with their projects, and I ended up helping to create a social media website like Twitter. Nothing much happened with it though, and the project kind off disappeared along with its owner.

2021-05-02: Shelf, Something made me very interested in how to make my own programming language, and I started researching it a lot. I ended up following a tutorial series on how to create a programming language in C and named the language Shelf.

2021-06-04: Rustcat. In the summer I decided to learn Rust. I am not a person that learns by theory, I like to learn practically. My way to learn Rust was to create a project in it.

2021-06-25: Cubybot, A simple Discord bot written in discord . py

2021-07-30: AlphaClicker, Windows Autoclicker with a modern UI that I made because I thought the existing ones looked old. With this I could finally see myself as a pro programmer.

2021-08-09: Candy Simulator, a Roblox game where you eat candy. It teached me much about creating 3d assets in blender.

2021-09-17: totall, A cli to count lines in all files in directories and subdirectories easily.

2021-09-18: coding-project-ideas, My first own Next.js website ever, and it was created for a Cloudflare hackathon.

2021-09-30: cbot, A simple x64_86 assembly program to turn off or reboot your computer.

2021-10-03: XClicker, I was using Linux a lot and I needed a good Autoclicker. I later in 2022 won a price for it in Helsinki.

2021-10-29: Zash, The logic behind how shells worked interested me, so I made my own custom shell in Rust.


In 2020, there was a competition in my city for innovation, and my teachers encouraged me to apply. I was in a group of three, but one member didn’t contribute—typical group project stuff.

The day of the competition was approaching, but we still didn’t have any ideas. Then, a thought struck me as I was falling asleep. I wrote it down and presented it to my group the next morning. They liked it, so I quickly created a prototype using Adobe XD. It was my first digital design ever, and I still look back at it to see how much I’ve improved haha.

We ended up winning a prize from Håkan Lans. He is a Swedish inventor, and his story is actually quite interesting. He has invented lots of stuff used worldwide, been involved in international legal troubles, and known Steve Jobs personally, if I recall correctly. So, in short, he's a pretty interesting guy.


I remember making a simple HTML webpages with just buttons while waiting for the judges in the venue. It was nothing special, but I think this was one of the first websites I made.

End of 2020, I didn’t have much to do. This made me join a lot of discord servers with topics I thought were interesting. There I met people older than me, that had made discord bots, which I thought was incredibly cool, but felt impossible. I thought it was way too cool, and I was jealous they could do cool stuff that I couldn’t, so I started learning, and continuously building more stuff.

I wanted to build an autoclicker, but I couldn’t. Then I said to myself “The day I can create an AutoClicker, I will consider myself as a good programmer.”


In the start of 2019, I created tons of scratch projects. Most of them were after following Youtube tutorial, but I remember adding my own twist to some games. Then I made some shit games myself.



It started with when I bought a book called "Hjälp ditt barn med programmering - Carol Vorderman" which explained the simple principles of scratch and python.

At first I made simple games using scratch directly from the book, one of which was a game where you move a monkey left-to-right to catch falling bananas.

Then we had an enthusiastic IT-guy at our school that engaged in teaching scratch to us at 10 years old. I knew most stuff already so I ended up helping other people.

Eventually I wanted to try out python and made simple games from the book. I didn't really read about what the code did, but mostly copied everything and looked it up afterwards. I made, among other games, a text-based game where you are in a ghost house and select a door (1,2,3) until you get one with a ghost behind.

I remember trying out pygame and tkinter and managed to recreate some small projects from the book.

I started playing lots of Roblox and made a few small games while following Youtube tutorials.

Then I guess I got quite tired of coding for a while and mostly played games.


When I was just seven years old, I remember my teacher asking everyone in my class what they wanted to be. Others said teachers or doctors; I said innovator. My whole life I have been interested in innovation, and creating things is what I really love.

I was very into locks back then; I loved keys, codes, and it was basically the only thing I thought about. I had an idea and drew a design for a new kind of lock. I want to say that there probably already existed locks that did this, but I was not aware of them back then.

A normal person at the age of 7 would probably have just drawn the design and forgotten about it. I did the exact opposite. Already at that early age, I decided to send the design to my favorite lock company. A few days later, I got a package from them. I was super excited, and I remember that my parents were amazed. I had received thanks from the CEO plus some merch. Thanks CEO! The shirt was sadly a bit big for me.

Later, they released a lock which reminded me of my designs with a bit of changes. I think they took inspiration from my idea I had sent them.

That was the start of my journey at an early age, and I believe it plays an important role in my life.

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