My submission to the Airbus A350F livery design competition


November 18, 2022

The A350F is Airbus’ new take on freighter aircraft. With 70% more advanced materials and larger more efficient engines, this beast has up to 40% less co2 emissions. This is accomplished by reducing fuel burn significantly.

For this model, Airbus is hosting an livery design competition where anyone can attend.

My design

My plan was to make something that merges both the the futuristic, modern look, with an environmental touch.

What I came up with succeeded with the merging part. With blue waves on both the front and the back of the airplane, the airplane gives a more environmental feel while also feeling modern with the smooth curves. Everything is adjusted to follow the design guidelines exceptionally. The colors, the non detailed areas and the non customizable areas

From start to end

It all begun with me creating a Figma document. Then I got to work.

Firstly, I pasted the template provided by airbus and started playing around and after a while I came up with the initial wave design. This did not follow the branding color guidelines. Also, please note that this is the first time I ever designed an airplane livery

image image image image

Here I started experimenting with green.


This is the design I submitted to the competition (everything is the same except the cargo text).

After submitting

After submitting, I realized it might be nice to have the template layered in Figma, this way I easily could use parts of the airplane as masks and keep colors in their correct places. It took a while but it turned out pretty cool. I’m thinking of publishing this template on Figma community so other people easily can create airplane liveries.

image image Then I remade the design I turned in, using the template. ^


image The final design, which I turned out pretty happy with. Tho I’d rather have turned this in instead of the one I did, but well 😕.

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