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About this website

Psedo blog post this website.

December 5, 2021

Hello folks and welcome to the first blog on this website. It is mostly psuedo stuff for testing purposes but you could read through if you want to. Note: Most of the content is old

Why did I even make a new website

I thought my old website looked a little bit odd. The blu/purple ish colors made it just look weird. Here you can see the old website vs the new one:

Old website New website

Making this website

To make this website, I used Next.js and styled components. Styled components is actually pretty neat and simple.

The most difficult part was making the blog since I had problems getting code blocks to work with syntax highlighting, but now they do.

1fn main() { 2 println!("Hello world"); 3}

The problem was that remark-prism didn't work with remark-html when it has sanitize enabled, which turned into a default feature in later versions of it. To solve it, I just disabled sanitize with sanitize: false.

1remark().use(html, {sanitize: false}, {sanitize: false}, {sanitize: false}{sanitize: false}, {sanitize: false}, {sanitize: false}{sanitize: false}, {sanitize: false}, {sanitize: false})


All the content above is old ;). Now a new version of launched and the blog is a separate site.

Newest website

One of the most difficult challanges when making this website was the overflow for the CodeBoxes. I finally managed to fix it using a really hacky solution, which is to put them in an relative container and fetch the height from javascript and then set the height on the wrapper to it.

No overflow

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