Future goals


February 7, 2024

When I was just seven years old, I remember my teacher asking everyone in my class what they wanted to be. Others said teachers or doctors; I said innovator. My whole life I have been interested in innovation, and creating things is what I really love.


When I look back at all my years on this planet, I realize I have inspired so many. I have inspired people not only with coding, but also with countless of my other interests.

If you forget where you started, you will never realize that you have evolved.

At the age of 16, I already have many years of experience, my own company, and most importantly I have met amazing people who have taught me a lot.

I realize now that I have always been a bit different. Other people my age don't seem to have any goals other than finishing their education, getting a 9-5 job and living like that. I could never, never imagine myself working 9-5 for the rest of my life. Others also strive to drink alcohol, get snus and smoke. I really can't understand how these people strive after something bad and want to be like everybody else. I have always had different goals.

Even though I didn't share interests with the friends at school, they still believed in me and were impressed by what I had achieved. Heck, even the teachers believed in me. Many have even said "Remember me when you become a millionaire". There might be some irony involved, but there is most likely some truth behind it. It is inspiring to have people believe in you, at least.

I don't really like school, and I want to quit. Currently, I am in high school, in the first grade out of three. I study computer science, but I already know everything they teach. Even before choosing a high school field, I knew that the CS education would be way too easy.

But now I am here and can't quit because of my parents. Luckily my teachers have specifically adjusted the education for me, and it basically only consists of theoretical subjects like Mathematics, Swedish, English and "internships". This adjustment allows me to finish the programming-related subjects directly so I don't have to learn everything again. I also go to the gym and work out, which helps me concentrate better.

My future goals

From my experience in school and my previous work experience, I can definitely say that I don't want to work a normal job. Having times set by somebody else that I need to follow is not really motivating. I like doing things my own way, set my own goals and creating my own roadmaps.

My biggest goal is to pursue the childhood dream of mine – to become an inventor, but in the programming field. I want to continue my startup journey, and create more solutions to problems I have. I already started by making small closed-source projects a few years ago, then very popular open-source projects, and now mini startups. I wish to continue with these mini startups for a while, then it would be really cool to make a really successful one (more than $10m in revenue). While building these startups, it would be interesting to try out nomading and explore different parts of earth for a few months, as new insights are always cool.

I don't want to be like the others, I want to actually pursue my dreams.

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